Elene Chatladze, Georgia Dickie, u, Gérald Lajoie
May 9-June 15, 2024

Barely Fair, Chicago
Solo presentation with Bea Fremderman
April 12-21, 2024

Bea Fremderman
February 10-March 30, 2024

Alli Melanson
November 10-December 16, 2023

Miguel Bendaña, Connor Bokovay, Justin Chance,
Sojourner Truth Parsons, Connie Wilson
“Public Life (Drawings)”
        September 28-October 28, 2023

        Calla McInnes
        “Horizon Suite”
        August 4-September 9, 2023

Robert Anthony O’Halloran
“Pansy Tone”
June 14-July 15, 2023

Alix Van Der Donckt-Ferrand
Curated by april april      
“De Fortune”
April 19-May 27, 2023

Alli Melanson, Libby Rothfeld, Ashes Withyman      
March 18-April 15, 2023

Katie Lyle
        “Loose hands”
        November 12-December 17, 2022

Angélique Heidler, Isabella Kressin, Calla McInnes, Amy Stober
“May My Fiction Rule”
Co curated by Connor Bokovay 
September 3-October 8, 2022

Chloe Seibert, Sarah Fripon
“Retiring the Attic”
        May 28-June 25, 2022
Umico Niwa
“Neighbourly Pest”
March 12-April 16, 2022

& accompanying text
 Jacquelyn Zong-Li Ross
“Five Cricket Songs (after Umico Niwa)” 

External Daphne Ahlers, Sharona Franklin, Bea Fremderman, HULFE
“Rattling the Dags”
at april april, Brooklyn

December 22, 2021-February 13, 2022

Brittany Shepherd
“Waltz of the Mired”
August 27-September 25, 2021

Justin Chance, Nadya Isabella, Freya Douglas Ferguson
“Bog Morals”
July 22-August 20, 2021