Katie Lyle 
Loose hands

November 12-December 17, 2022


        Moving Birch-Wood and Sable-Hair

Loose hands make three lax grips. Loose hands move birch-wood and sable hair under folded digits. Loose hands folded-over a brush, move a brush—the brush is sable haired, a birch handled brush. Loose hands go to move the brush in an arc from right-side to left-side, coming up from low to high.

The birch-wood and sable hair and whatever loose hand move to make paint move too. The three—wood, sable-hair, and loose hand try for moving paint, try to make for paint in ambulation—here they go:

Loose hand made from rubber moves birch-wood and sable-hair:

A loose hand made of rubber is loose because it is boneless. Boneless rubber is never a rigid rubber but a giggling rubber. So, rubber-hand moves against the wood of the brush, the brush goes, moves up and leftward, arcing very nice but then swings back in a jerking rebound— (because the rubber hand is a hand made-elastic) —so hand and brush because it is connected to the hand in-grip swings backward, rightwards, then the same again left but not as far—and repeats until still.

Loose hand made from foamy soap moves birch-wood and sable-hair:

Palm is foam, fingers all foam, nails are foam. Brush is birch-wood and sable-hair. Digits move to move brush leftward and the brush falls through the digits because they are all soapy foam, through the palm because it is foam too, and falls away and down instead, wet with foam.

Loose hand made from mushroom flesh moves birch-wood and sable-hair:

Loose hand made all of mushroom flesh, like it grew from mushroom flesh. Mushroom flesh index and thumb move right from leftward, againstthe birch handle, and split at the thumb-tip and the low index knuckle. The splitting-open makes a sound—a pop, though dulled—a bump on damp wood sound. The mushroom flesh exposed in the splitting (the deep inner-inner of the mushroom flesh), is so bright, bright, bright—the brightest sort of tissue—bright like a bulb, bright like the round of an eye.

– Derek Coulombe