Alli Melanson
“TODAY (After Hanne Darboven)”
$50.00 CAD


24-Month printed calendar
Edition of 100, hand numbered
64 pages, coil-bound, 
9 x 12 inches
Sixteen full-bleed colour images

To purchase, email the gallery at: with your mailing address.

On the occassion of her solo exhibition Attention, artist Alli Melanson has produced a printed calendar. This work follows her practice’s recurring motif of sites of congregation and hospitality, as well as the exhibition’s overarching theme of mirroring. Each month of the year appears twice throughout the calendar, allowing for a variety of uses: it could be used for two consecutive years, one month for business appointments, the other for pleasure, etc.

Accompanying the 24-months are images sourced from a filmed interview with artist Hanne Darboven. The half-hour program saw the artist interviewed in her home studio alongside her staff (who also lived there with Darboven), and these screencaptured moments are taken from a celebratory dinner with her team. Melanson was drawn to this lively congregation, where the camera tries to track the artist, but obstacles such as a musician or piece of furniture interrupt the frame. The noisy space of the dinner party is contrasted with a reappearing phrase at the bottom of the screen: “Only then you arrive at a point where you say to yourself,”. Caused by a subtitle track error that repeats the auto translated phrase  whenever there isn’t dialogue and interrupted only when someone begins to speak, it begins to read like the internal dialogue of an unknown narrator or character.